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Jennifer Jeffes

Clearwater Christian College
BA History
Western New Mexico University
MA Interdisciplinary Studies: History, Political Science, and Education
What is your favorite course to teach, and why?

It always seems to me that my favorite courses are the ones that I am currently teaching.  In teaching the same courses over many years now, I have learned just how much more there is to learn about the study of history.  I enjoy adding to my own understanding and love for history with every passing year.  I do have a special love, though, for teaching economics.  Out of all the courses in the history and social studies department, economics seems to be the one that draws students in most naturally.  I love the very quick learning curve that comes with this discipline -- how quickly students understand and recognize economic principles and how easily they can identify how those principles apply to decision-making.  Since economics requires an understanding of a lot of historical and political knowledge, it is, in some ways, the best of all worlds.

Why did you become a teacher?
I came from a family of teachers, and perhaps because of this, I was determined to become something else.  In high school, my dream was to become an attorney for the state of New York and prosecute mob leaders!  Home for Christmas break in my senior year, I was asked to substitute for a high school math class for an afternoon at the school my brothers attended.  After teaching just one hour, I was hooked.  I walked out of the school that day ready to look for a teaching job.  I have since found that there is nothing, for me, as energizing and exciting as telling students about the world and the one who orders it.
What is a favorite quote?
"The first duty of a university is to teach wisdom, not a trade; character, not technicalities. We want a lot of engineers in the modern world, but we don`t want a world of engineers."  -Winston Churchill