School Uniforms

Is it necessary to purchase uniforms from French Toast?

Yes.  Uniforms are required for all K-12 students, and all school uniforms must be French Toast brand uniforms.  Exceptions to this rule are:
  • Specialty outerwear offered through the school store or athletic department is allowed.
  • PE Uniforms for grades 4-8 must be purchased through the athletic department.
  • 6th-12th students may purchase French Toast pants and shorts, or they may purchase pants and shorts that are in compliance with school policy and that look identical to the French Toast items.
  • 6th-12th students may wear Warrior athletic polo shirts purchased through the athletic department.
Do preschool students wear the school uniform?
No.  Only students in K-12 wear uniforms.

How can I purchase uniforms?

You can purchase SRCS uniforms by visiting the French Toast website directly or through the Quick Link on the SRCS home page.  You will enter the school code QS44DQJ or enter the school's name and state and be connected to the French Toast SRCS page.  Here you can see the items for purchase for boys and girls at all grade levels.


What French Toast items are allowed in the various grades?
Our uniform is school-wide K-12.  If the French Toast school-approved item comes in your child's size, it is approved for school wear.  Only 6th-12th students have additional Warrior Athletics items from which to choose.
I see items like socks, belts, and outerwear jackets on the SRCS French Toast website.  Are we required to buy these items from French Toast?
Socks, tights, and belts are available for purchase at extremely reasonable prices.  Parents are not required to purchase accessory items through French Toast.  However, accessories that are worn must be visually equivalent (navy or white tights; black, white, or navy socks; black, brown, or navy belts).
What about shoes?
K-6 students must wear closed-toe shoes or sneakers that complement the uniform by being predominantly solid in color: navy, black, brown, white, gray, (or metallic for girls).  K-6 students may wear their brightly colored or "fun pattern" shoes on dress down Fridays.  7th-12th students may wear shoes of their choosing.
Are there any required items for students?
Students can wear any combination of top and bottom found on the French Toast SRCS pages.  All K-6 students are required to purchase a light blue polo shirt for field trips.
Which items need to be embroidered with the school logo?
When you shop through the French Toast website using the school name or school code QS44DQJ, the items you place in your cart will automatically add the embroidery required.  All shirts, sweaters, dresses, jumpers, and jackets have the school logo.  Shopping with the school code is the only way to ensure you are purchasing SRCS approved dress code items.
Will the school have a uniform sale where I can purchase French Toast items?
No.  All uniforms should be purchased online.  Some parents prefer to buy French Toast items in a brick and mortar store and have the items embroidered locally at one of the school-approved embroiderers.  This is acceptable only if the French Toast items are SRCS approved dress code items (or Warrior athletics items for grades 6-12).
How do I know what sizes to order?
Many French Toast items are available in multiple categories: girls and boys, juniors, and young men's and women's sizes.  Each item in the school dress code (school code QS44DQJ) is accompanied by a size chart so that you can use your child's measurements to determine the best fit.
Does French Toast offer discount days and sale days?
Yes.  You will periodically receive notices of sales, free shipping, etc. if you register your email with French Toast.  Always use the school code QS44DQJ when ordering from French Toast.
What about items that need to be returned, incorrect orders, etc.?
All returns and shipping questions should be directed to French Toast.  The French Toast website offers extensive information, a live chat feature, and email and phone contacts.
Can I get a list of uniform items?
The only way to view the items in the school dress code and all the sizing and correct colors is on the French Toast school page using school code QS44DQJ.