Mission, Vision, and Christian Education

Mission Statement

Seven Rivers Christian School exists in partnership with families to shape the hearts and minds of children with a distinctly biblical program of academic rigor, artistic beauty, and athletic competition.

Vision Statement

The vision of SRCS is to produce graduates who are passionate about God and His church and who are equipped to thrive in higher education, create healthy families, and bring the joy and peace of the gospel to a broken world.


Christian Education

The essential foundation of Christian education is that truth comes from our Creator. Knowledge begins with an understanding of who God is and who we are in relation to Him. A Christian education introduces the learner to every academic subject with the understanding that there is a God and that He is integrally involved with His creation.

There is no such thing as religious neutrality in education. The very nature of education dictates that schools will inherently communicate some particular belief system. Seven Rivers Christian School communicates that God is the source of all truth. Unlike schools that exclude God from the equation and communicate that He is at best irrelevant to truth--or possibly that He does not exist at all and man determines his own truth--we believe that truth is absolute, is unchanging, is independent of the norm, and is knowable. Therefore, education at Seven Rivers is defined by a pursuit of that truth through knowing God and understanding the world He created.

Education develops a student’s worldview--the filter through which one sees and understands the world. One effect of receiving an education that separates faith from learning is that we begin to think categorically about the world, thinking in terms of the “spiritual” and the “secular” and thus compartmentalizing God.  At Seven Rivers, however, faith and learning are not separated, helping students develop a thorough and complete biblical worldview.