In recent years, technology has revolutionized--and rightfully become an important aspect of-- industry, medicine, science, and commerce.  It has also revolutionized leisure time and communication.  Social media has provided a way for families and friends to stay connected, and texting makes it easier than ever to stay in touch.  But at what price?  Studies are indicating that this flood of technology is changing the very core of social human interaction and relationship.  While connecting people on a physical level, technology has simultaneously begun to disconnect people on a relational level.


In this world of increasing disconnect, Seven Rivers Christian School seeks to be a place of relationship--a place of unique devotion to one another, a place of genuine community.  To this end, SRCS is committed to approaching technology with wisdom and discernment.  Recognizing its importance to society, we also recognize technology's detriment and prayerfully seek out ways to implement it judiciously and in keeping with God's call to live sacrificially and in community with one another.  The SRCS classroom will not be a technology-centered classroom; instead, it will be a Christ-centered classroom based upon relationship.  It will be a classroom where devoted, expert teachers passionately communicate with children, and use technology to enhance lessons via well-chosen apps, classroom blogs, classroom websites, or tablet projectors.  


SRCS students are introduced to technology in the grammar school as they work on keyboarding skills, learn to safely use the Internet for research, and learn many facets of Google Drive and Microsoft Office by completing various projects in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Google Docs. Grammar students also learn to edit digital photos and are introduced to coding. Middle school and high school students are offered the opportunity to build graphic design skills and learn more advanced coding, programming, and Robotics. They are also invited to join the SRCS competitive Robotics team.