Warrior One Fund FAQs

Since enrollment is tuition-based, why is it also necessary to raise funds?
To broaden enrollment accessibility, Seven Rivers' tuition does not cover the cost of educating each student. The school relies on the Warrior One Fund to bridge the gap between tuition income and operating expenses.
Why is independent education so expensive?
The qualities we value most about a Seven Rivers education - a dedicated, well-trained faculty; high academic standards; extracurricular activities; individual attention; low student/teacher ratio; accessible facilities - are all expensive.
Why not just raise tuition?
The answer is two-fold. Raising tuition would prohibit some parents from affording a Seven Rivers education for their children. At the same time, it would rob many individuals of the opportunity to bless the school with gifts above and beyond what increased tuition would provide.
Why not do more fundraisers?
Seven Rivers receives 100% of any gift to the Warrior One Fund, whereas traditional fundraisers result in much smaller percentages to the school. So when you give to the Warrior One Fund, you know that the school will receive the full benefit of your gift. Groups within the school may host events to raise funds for a targeted purpose, but no fundraisers are hosted that benefit the general school program.
Can I give to a specific program?
Gifts to the Warrior One Fund are generally unrestricted so they can be used wherever the need is greatest. Warrior One Fund dollars are at work throughout the campus, benefiting every student.
How much am I required to give?
Giving to the Warrior One Fund is a gift, not a mandate. In order to be completely successful, 100% participation from our families is the goal. SRCS respectfully requests that you prayerfully consider how God would have you give.
What is the typical gift to the Warrior One Fund?
As with any giving opportunity, the gift varies with the givers. Some donors can afford gifts in excess of $5,000, others $500, or $50. Every gift, of every size, is a blessing.
What is a matching gift?
Matching gifts are often available from employers' matching gift programs. Please take the time to ask your Human Resources Office if your employer offers this opportunity.
What about gifts of goods or services beyond a cash donation?
There are always a variety of items on our wish list needed to continue maintaining and improving our campus, facilities, and resources. Seven Rivers graciously accepts a variety of gifts and would love to talk with you. Simply contact one of our administrators to discuss your ideas for additional support.