Resource Department

An important component of the SRCS academic program is the Resource Department, led by Mindy McCullough.  She and her team act as a support for all parents, students, and teachers and are committed to helping all students attain their potential. Part of helping students succeed individually is recognizing the importance of reading skills; accordingly, the Resource Department is dedicated to helping teachers and administrators assess and instruct students K-6 in reading. The Resource team serves to assist students who are experiencing academic and behavioral difficulties by working alongside the classroom teacher to develop strategies that work for individual students. The department coordinates Student Support Team (SST) meetings with teachers and/or parents, allowing everyone the opportunity to provide input toward problem solving.


Peer tutoring is offered through the use of structured study halls where students in need are paired with upper level students to benefit from a one-on-one relationship.  The Resource Coordinator also oversees volunteer tutoring that places students in need with members of the community and church who offer assistance in specific subject areas.  Fee-based tutoring is available, upon request, from Resource staff who have specialized training in particular programs.


Beyond the immediate, assistance is also provided in locating outside resources for evaluating behavioral health, emotional health, mental health, learning disabilities, or articulation impairments, and Resource staff act as the liaisons between the school and county for select services and professional development.