SRCS features an open-access library that serves all students with a collection of over 18,000 items.  Located in the K-3 building, the library houses both a main room and a children's room.  Grades 1-5 have a scheduled weekly library class period.  There is also a library annex in the Upper School building to serve our middle and high school students.


Grades 1-8 take part in the Accelerated Reader program in order to improve students' reading comprehension skills. An equally important goal is our desire to kindle a lifelong love for reading. As part of our standard curriculum, K-6 students have an additional 20 minutes per day set aside for independent reading. Research overwhelmingly shows that students only become better readers by actually engaging in independent reading. A.R. tests taken upon the completion of a book are a way of demonstrating that students comprehend the text and are growing as readers.


Each November, SRCS hosts a fall Book Fair. This is the main fundraiser for the library, and the proceeds typically enable us to add around 180 books to our collection.


The library extends to our users the broadest right and freedom to read, but we have no wish to provide learning experiences that are in conflict with the values of a student's parents.  For this reason, we encourage parents to be aware of what their child is reading and be available to discuss it with him/her.  Our desire is that SRCS students learn to be discerning and to evaluate all materials from a biblical perspective.  A cooperative effort between the school and the parent ensures the best learning experience.