FACTS Family Portal is a private and secure site that allows parents to see complete information specific to their child.  Parents and students can view grades, class lesson plans, homework, progress reports, class schedules, and report cards.  Before accessing the FACTS Family Portal for the first time, a parent must contact Renee Magill to create an account.  Creating an account will require providing an email address to the school.  It is recommended that both student and parent provide the school with separate emails to access FACTS as there is information relevant to both students and parents. To reiterate, the sign-in email must match the email entered in the SRCS database.
Family data may be changed under Preferences on the family page.  Remember to save any changes made so that the school's files will be updated.
To access FACTS, you can visit their site directly, or you can use the FACTS Quick Link on the home page of the school website.  Once there, you may choose to access the Family Portal or your FACTS tuition payment account.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the school's District Code?
Q: What should I do when I get the "Error: Invalid Credentials" message?
A: Email Renee Magill or call 746-5696 to have this error fixed.
Q: What if I don't know my username or password?
A: Email Renee Magill or call 746-5696 to reset your username/password.
Q: What if I don't remember which email is on file with the school?
A: Contact Renee Magill by email for that information.