Athletic Camps

SRCS offers summer athletic camps for students, open to the public.
Warrior Basketball Camp is designed to teach young players the fundamental basketball skills important to all levels of play: shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defense.  The camp is led by coaches with a passion for teaching the game of basketball and emphasizes cooperation, self-discipline, individual improvement, and teamwork.  Each session is designed for the ages and abilities of the campers and includes a minimum of two games per day.  Instruction is intended to help prepare young players to participate in local youth leagues or school teams, but also includes fun events for those who simply enjoy participating in the great game of basketball.
Warrior Volleyball camp offers training in basic skills:  passing, setting, hitting, and serving.  Campers will develop a better understanding of the game and its components.  Seven Rivers Varsity team players help run the camp and provide positive role models for our campers.  Our players also coach the campers in daily games.
Warrior Cheer Camp offers girls the opportunity to learn basic cheerleading skills, individual improvement and teamwork.  The leaders of the camp will help the girls learn basic cheer and dance fundamentals.
Warrior Football Camp offers an extensive, non-contact football curriculum.  At Seven Rivers, we are passionate about teaching young players the fundamentals of football. Campers will learn to get in a proper stance, throw, catch, run, break tackles, create turnovers, form tackle, form block, take proper angles, and how to explode out of a stance with correct technique.  We also place a tremendous emphasis on discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-respect, good health and physical fitness.  We will be stressing the "little things" that make a player great.  We'll be working on stance, steps, pulling, leveraging, blocking, man and zone coverages, and much more.
Warrior Soccer Camp offers campers age-appropriate soccer training with focus on developing players' technical ability.  Our coaches emphasize the basic fundamentals and techniques involved in dribbling, passing, receiving, and shooting the ball.  Warrior Soccer Camp strives to help players develop ball mastery by maximizing the number of touches players get during each camp session.  Skills are taught in a fun way using games and team competitions whenever possible.  We strive to help our campers develop a love and appreciation for the game of soccer.  Warrior Soccer Camp places an emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect throughout the week.