Renee Magill

Tell us about your family.
My husband, John, and I met here at SRCS and graduated together in 2006.  We love that both of our children get to go to school here now, too!  Noah started attending in 4th grade and Bella in Pre-K3.  I started working at the school as a coach in 2016, and now I work in the Upper School Office as well.
Who was an influential teacher for you, and why?
Jennifer Jeffes was one of the most influential teachers I had.  Not only could you see and feel her passion about what she was teaching, but she made history exciting and interesting.
What do you love about SRCS?
I love the community at SRCS -- the teachers, the staff, and the parents.  Everyone is here because they want to help mold and shape these kids.  Our students aren't just another number; every teacher wants what is best for their students and to see them succeed.