"My Child Hates to Read"

Our world is fast-paced, and it's only moving faster.  Countless hours can be spent jumping from internet videos to Netflix shows to social media posts, and this seemingly endless glut of information requires very little attentiveness.
Reading is different.  Good reading -- of literature that matters, that builds us up and makes us better people -- requires our attention.  Reading makes us slow down, be quiet, and ponder.  It makes us think.  This is counter to our present culture but necessary for real success.
What we at SRCS have discovered is not that kids hate reading or storytelling or learning new things but rather that they balk at slowing down and being contemplative.  Thankfully, slowing down and paying attention are skills that can be practiced in a well-managed classroom.  Many, many students who thought they hated reading have realized that it offers them a way to use their minds like they've never done before.  They've been won over to reading, and they thrive in their studies because of it.
Research repeatedly shows that students who do not read on grade level by third grade probably never will; therefore, reading instruction is significant in our grammar school.  Of course, reading is how we acquire knowledge and learn more about our world and about our God, so after students learn to read, they read voluminously at our school to practice their reading ability.
Hating reading is not an option.  Learning to read well and then reading good literature are in fact the most important activities in which your child will participate at SRCS.