Grateful for Our Heritage

I recently thumbed through the Seven Rivers Christian School yearbook for 1999-2000, the year Seven Rivers graduated its first class. I was struck by the rich heritage of SRCS because there in the pages of that yearbook were Jennifer Jeffes, Scott Jackson, Wendy Cash, Jean Giles, Nancy Glessner, Sherry Allen, Shennen and Tim Bowman, Chris and Jackie Eckart, Flo Julias, Kim Esckelson, Deb Redmond, Donna Nelson, Gene Parrish, and Margaret Whitchurch.  These people, who are part of the DNA of Seven Rivers, helped build our school and are still here today, continuing to play an integral role in this beautiful educational ministry.
As I flipped through the pages, I also saw Matthew Ebert, Julie Parrish, and C.J. Bryant, all former students, among others, who now have their children at SRCS.  Then there was Shawn Allen who, together with his wife Mary Margaret, recently established the Anna Allen Scholarship for a deserving senior at SRCS.  The torch and the vision for Seven Rivers is now being carried forward by a new generation.
Also sprinkled throughout the pages was the Green family.  I saw youthful pictures of Julie and Jennifer, two of the oldest girls.  The truth is if you picked up any yearbook in the history of Seven Rivers you would find youthful pictures of the Green children. That's because for the entire 28 years Seven Rivers Christian School has been in existence, there has been a member of the Green family here.  This year, with the graduation of Logan, the youngest Green, Seven Rivers will say goodbye to the last "Alpha Family."  What an amazing 28-year commitment, and what a great legacy of faithfulness and love!
We are grateful for our heritage - for faculty members who make a lifetime commitment to love and educate our children, for former students who give back their time, money, and even their own children to the SRCS ministry, and for families like the Greens, whose level of loyalty and dedication is beyond compare.
Those of us who have recently joined the Seven Rivers family are deeply indebted.