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Jennifer Welter

University of Florida
BA Political Science
Norwich University (VT)
MA U.S. History
Tell us about your family.
I've been married 21 years to John Welter and have four daughters.
What's a favorite childhood memory?
I grew up on a lake, so I spent many summers rowing around catching turtles and flipping boats.
Why did you become a teacher?
I had an amazing biology teacher in 10th and 11th grade and wanted to be like her.  She taught me to enjoy learning, and she made me feel special.  Then at UF, Professor Stafford helped me fall in love with the U.S. Constitution (and the Founding of America), and I wanted to share that love and very important information with students.
Who was an influential teacher for you, and why?
In addition to those I already mentioned, the most significant and influential teacher and mentor I've ever been blessed to work with is Dr. Ken Wackes.
What are your interests outside of work?
Kayaking, cookie decorating, reading, and spending time with my girls.
What is your favorite course to teach, and why?
AP U.S. History, because history is the most relevant subject!  I love talking about our nation's history and helping students understand the story and its impact on their lives and the lives of others.
What makes a great teacher?
The ability to lead, love for students, and love for subject.
What is a fond SRCS memory?
Baccalaureate services -- all of them.  I love hearing our teachers charge graduates.
Tell us about a memorable adventure you have experienced.
How do I choose just one?  Recently, our family visited Philadelphia, and I got to stand on the steps of James Madison's residence with my daughters.  Utter awesomeness.
Tell us a favorite quote.
The Preamble to the Constitution.