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Maryann Parks

Tell us about your family.

My husband, Randy, and I have two beautiful children, Tucker and Melissa, who both attend Seven Rivers. Tucker is a high school sophomore and continuously volunteers at many school and church events -- football games, the church’s Trunk or Treat, and set-up with various other events. My daughter, Melissa, is a senior in high school and works for the church, which includes childcare during the weekend services and weekday events, and working as a counselor at Camp Seven Rivers during her summer breaks. My husband is a deacon in the church and regularly volunteers to provide care for children who have special needs.

How did you come to Seven Rivers?

Coming to Seven Rivers in 2003 has significantly benefitted my family throughout the years. Moving from Peachtree City, Georgia, into a new, unfamiliar city and state had me searching for a school and church that embodied a family-like bond. After unsuccessfully trying a couple of different public and private schools in the area, I came across Seven Rivers Preschool. The preschool was run by a close-knit staff of wonderful women who truly loved teaching the children the basics -- the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors -- but more importantly, these women had a passion for sharing the Gospel, not only to the children in their care, but also to the families that supported these children. I first fell in love with the preschool, and then quickly grew to love the entire Seven Rivers community. This had me volunteering at any event I could -- class parties, Christmas celebrations, and even helping my children’s teachers around the classroom. I grew to love the campus so much that I started a job working in the Children’s Ministry at the church. Eventually in 2008, I was hired by the school to be a teacher in the very preschool that first drew me in to Seven Rivers. Ever since then, my family and I have been on the campus of Seven Rivers.

What is a fond SRCS memory?

I have a heart full of fond memories of Seven Rivers, and selecting just one will be difficult because I have had the blessing of being on this campus for the last 14 years as both a parent and preschool staff member. Having my children grow up in an environment that promotes educational greatness, communal bonding, and a continuous spiritual growth has been my greatest memory of Seven Rivers. As an overprotective parent and a preschool teacher, knowing that the teachers had my children’s best interests in mind calmed my nerves and allowed me to let my children mature and grow in the hands of the community. Getting to witness my children grow in a community that so loved them is the best gift anyone could give me. I have had the blessing to not only watch my children develop their own love for Christ, but to watch myself blossom in the arms of this church.