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Margaret Whitchurch

Rutgers University

BA Economics


Tell us how you came to work at SRCS.

I worked as an accountant, budget analyst, and department supervisor during eight years in New Brunswick, NJ, with a division of Johnson & Johnson, and another seven years as a budget analyst and general accounting department manager with a large publishing company in Boston, MA, where my husband and I met and lived until our oldest son was about a year old. 


After ten years spent at home raising our three young children (and relocating to Citrus County), I began working part-time as Business Director at SRCS when our youngest started preschool here, joining her two older brothers who had also been attending since preschool.    I've been working full-time since 2005, when our oldest began his senior year.  Our children have all graduated from SRCS by now, and I still love serving here, helping to support this ministry that has so abundantly blessed our family.


I grew up in a family that highly valued education as my dad worked for Grinnell College in Iowa during my early years, and then as I began high school, he joined Educational Testing Services in New Jersey, home of the SAT and other College Board tests.  I'm thankful I can use the skills honed in the business world to contribute to something as meaningful as the education of the children in our community.  


Who was an influential teacher for you, and why?

My very favorite and most influential teacher was Mr. Gauze -- the very big, tall, and somewhat homely red-headed man who taught us English for two periods a day in seventh grade.  He taught me how to write.  I never had another teacher who could have taught me what he did in that one year.  I realized his great gift as early as high school and came to seriously appreciate it during college.  l never had the chance to tell him, since he was in Iowa and I was in New Jersey, but I will never forget him and how much his efforts contributed to my success.


What do you most enjoy about your job?

I love being part of a high quality educational environment with brilliant scholars who love their students and love what they teach.  As much as I truly enjoy the work of budgets and accounting, my deepest satisfaction comes from being part of a school atmosphere and interacting with students, parents and teachers on this life-changing journey every day.