Fifth Grade


Fifth grade students use selections of classic literature to practice reading and comprehension strategies, as well as literary analysis.

Novels:  The Big Wave; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; The Penderwicks; The Woods Runner; The Secret Garden; Caddie Woodlawn; Number the Stars; and Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare: Macbeth.

Resources:  Teaching the ClassicsAccelerated Reader 



Using a question/answer technique, students gain mastery of parts of speech and sentence diagramming.  They continue to develop their expository writing skills.  Students also have formal spelling and vocabulary instruction.

Resources:  Shurley English, Wordly Wise



Using a program that emphasizes incremental development and continual practice and review, students go through a cyclical study of basic operations, introduction to algebra, introduction to geometry, multiplying 2- and 3-digit numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, percentages, decimals, and word problems.  The program continues to reinforce students' memorization of multiplication facts 0-12, along with the corresponding division facts.

Resource:  Saxon Math



Using twenty biblical truths as a framework, our Bible curriculum incorporates both worldview and Bible survey instruction, integrating the two and laying the foundation for future worldview development.  Fifth grade focuses on biblical truths related to stewardship, along with Bible survey topics from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. 

Resource:  Summit Ministries



Fifth grade focuses on American history, exploring the early American civilizations through all the major events in U.S. history up to the 21st century.

Resource:  Core Knowledge


Fifth grade science is taught using a hands-on approach to the following topics:  color and light, Earth movements, flight and rocketry, body systems, and space exploration.
Resource:  Delta Science



Students memorize Bible verses, Catechism questions, and poetry selections.


Recess and Specials

Students enjoy recess along with their lunch period.  Students attend weekly Art, Music, and Tech Lab classes, Library twice each week, and PE classes three times each week.    


Enterprise Village
The Spot Family Center Mission field trip
Barnes and Noble AR Reward field trip
Kennedy Space Center
Tropicana Speech Contest

Florida Math League Contest

Spelling Bee

History Bee