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Third Grade


Third grade reading incorporates novels to build fluency and comprehension through literary analysis (characters, problems/solutions, setting, conflict, theme, author's purpose, genre, and point of view).

Novels:  A Birthday for Frances, The Sword in the Tree, Stone Fox, All-Of-A-Kind-Family, Henry and Ribsy, Indian in the Cupboard, The Hundred Dresses, Boxcar Children, Stuart Little, Little House in the Big Woods, and Pippi Longstocking

Resources:  Teaching the Classics, Accelerated Reader



Through jingles, journal writing, and direct instruction, students engage in the writing process by identifying parts of a sentence, classifying parts of speech, and applying the rules of capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. They create writing pieces including a 3-paragraph expository essay.  Students receive cursive writing instruction and daily spelling lessons based on phonics skills. 

Resources:  Shurley English, Handwriting without Tears, and Spelling Mastery.



Using a program that emphasizes incremental development and continual practice and review, students go through a cyclical study of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, time, money, and word problems.  Students achieve fluency with addition and subtraction facts, and they systematically begin their memorization of multiplication and division facts.

Resource: Saxon Math



Students embark on a survey of the Old Testament and learn how to locate scriptures in the Bible.

Resource: Christian Schools International



Using a hands-on learning approach, students explore the following topics:  Air, Circulatory and Respiratory Systems, Sound, Light, Magnets, Matter, and Powders and Crystals.

Resources: Delta Science Modules, Core Knowledge



Taught in a story format, third grade history proceeds chronologically through world history:  The Earliest People, Early Civilizations, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome.

Resources: Story of the World, Core Knowledge



Students memorize Bible verses, Catechism questions, and poetry selections.


Recess and Specials

Students have PE three times each week, recess and Library two times each week, and Art and Music once a week.



Sweetfields Farm

The Nutcracker Ballet

Florida Aquarium - "Sleep with the Fish" overnight trip

Hearts of Mercy project - earning money to send Bibles to Haiti