First Grade


First grade reading focuses on mastery of phonics skills, over 200 high-frequency words, reading  fluency, and beginning comprehension.  Read-alouds are incorporated for literature appreciation and beginning literary analysis.

Resource:  Saxon Phonics and Spelling, Teaching the Classics


Formal instruction in parts of speech begins in first grade, along with beginning sentence diagramming and beginning composition skills.  Handwriting instruction takes place three days each week, and spelling instruction is incorporated with phonics lessons.

Resource:  Shurley English, Handwriting without Tears


Students learn counting and number recognition to 200, addition and subtraction, money skills, time, the calendar, word problems, and problem solving.  Students memorize basic addition and subtraction facts to 12.

Resource:  Saxon Math


Using twenty biblical truths as a framework, our Bible curriculum incorporates both worldview and Bible survey instruction, integrating the two and laying the foundation for future worldview development.  First grade focuses on biblical truths related to wisdom, along with Bible survey topics from the book of Genesis. 

Resource:  Summit Ministries


Science in first grade takes a hands-on learning approach to the following topics:  astronomy, weather watching, five senses, plants, animal classification, and water.

Resource:  Core Knowledge, Delta Science


History in first grade is taught in a story format and takes a chronological approach to early American history.   Topics studied include:  early American civilizations, Native Americans, explorers, colonial America, the American Revolution, Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark.  Students also study map skills, the roles and responsibilities of government leaders, and economic principles of goods/services and producers/consumers.

Resource:  Core Knowledge, Studies Weekly


Students memorize Bible verses, Catechism questions, and poetry selections.

Recess and Specials

Students enjoy daily recess, PE three times each week, Library twice each week, and weekly Art and Music classes.


Lowry Park Zoo

Florida Aquarium

Fall Festival

Christmas at the Eberts'