Kindergartners practice phonemic awareness, learn phonics skills, and master over 100 high-frequency words, providing them with the tools to be reading by the end of the school year.  Classic children's literature, including folk and tall tales, is read aloud for literature appreciation and an introduction to literary analysis.

Resource:  Saxon Phonics and Spelling, Teaching the Classics   


Language Arts

Spelling skills are incorporated as students learn new phonics skills.  During handwriting lessons, students form lowercase letters, capital letters, and numbers.  By the end of the school year, students will write and understand the structure of sentences and will learn beginning capitalization and punctuation skills.  

Resource:  Saxon Phonics and Spelling, Handwriting without Tears, Sentence School



Students learn counting and number recognition to 100, number sets, sorting, shapes, addition and subtraction, position words, time, coin values, measurement, and graphing.

Resource:  Saxon Math



Kindergartners learn about their relationship with God through the study of Catechism questions and men and women of the Bible.  They also learn the timeline of the Bible from Creation through the Acts of the Apostles. 

Resource:  Summit Ministries



Science in kindergarten takes a hands-on learning approach to the following topics:  Earth, weather and seasons, their body, living things, matter, and balance and motion.

Resource:  Delta Science Modules



A foundation is laid in Kindergarten for future study of American and world history.  Topics include:  Presidents, American symbols, holidays, map skills, continents and oceans, good citizenship, and needs and wants.

Resource:  Core Knowledge, Studies Weekly



Students memorize Bible verses, Catechism questions, and poetry.


Recess and Specials

Students enjoy daily recess, PE three times per week, Library twice each week, and weekly Art and Music classes. 



Corn Maze field trip

Snowy Day

Cypress Cove Care Center -- Christmas caroling

Cypress Cove Care Center -- Easter egg hunt

Kindergarten Circus

Grandparents' Day picnic

Muffins with Mom