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Christian Stevens

University of Florida
BSEE Electrical Engineering
What were you like as a child?
I wasn't a good student.  Becoming a teacher has been a vehicle for God to help me recognize the deep ingratitude I extended to many of my teachers as a child.  If I am ever fortunate enough to see them again, the meeting will be an offering of apology to them for my behavior and the opportunity I squandered.
What's a favorite childhood memory?
As a child, I became fascinated with the boiler section of an old steam engine that lay half buried in one of the old phosphate mines where we rode ATV's.  My friends and I actually spent some time attempting to unearth more of it.  The experience left me with the feeling of being both an archaeologist and explorer,  Looking at it brought a sense of wonder as I tried to imagine what the area looked like when the engine was still running, as well as who this piece of machinery might have come in contact with.
Why did you become a teacher?
My teaching endeavors began in the fours/fives Sunday School class as temporary help.  From there, my involvement grew to managing the class on my own, finding an eventual end in teaching Upper School science and math.  I discovered that with teaching comes the blessing of being part of children's growth.  Helping students solve problems in math and understanding science concepts is great, but walking along a child's side in relationship is what I've found most rewarding.  I relish the opportunity to help students connect theory with what's really occurring in the outside world and helping them draw nearer to God through recognizing His hand in creation.
Who was an influential teacher for you, and why?
My calculus teacher, Bruce Teague, was the first teacher to help me connect with mathematics.  His focus wasn't so much on theory but on understanding how math helps us model and quantify the behavior playing out all around us.
What are your interests outside of work?
My outside activities include mountain biking, ATV's, airboating, spending time with family, and building models.