Dana James Welcome to Seven Rivers Christian School, and thank you for taking the first step toward planning for your child's future. The decisions we make as parents have a profound impact on our children--on their character, on their faith, on their future success as leaders of families, businesses, and even nations. We are proud and honored to partner with you as you explore options for your child's education, and we want to provide you with vision for who we are and what we believe.

We believe that a superior education begins with a strong foundation. Reading is the key to learning throughout our entire lives. Our phonics-based reading program in the elementary grades provides students with the foundation for critical reading and advanced skills that will prepare students for college and beyond. Good reading is the first step to good writing, and Seven Rivers Christian School is dedicated to teaching students how to write effectively. Our writing-intensive curriculum promotes critical thinking and allows students to achieve success in another of our core concentrations--mathematics. These crucial skills form the basis of all learning; it is imperative that students recognize this gift of learning as an expression of God's love and His creation, and that to fall in love with learning is to fall in love with the very Creator of the Universe, Himself.

We believe that an early, strong foundation is the key to unleashing the creativity and ingenuity of the maturing student. Rising middle- and high-school students at Seven Rivers Christian School are going to be challenged--challenged to engage and participate, challenged to explore and question, challenged to offer critique and to solve problems, challenged to grow in their faith. It is our vision that graduates of Seven Rivers Christian School will take an intellectual curiosity out into the world--that they will become the teachers, scientists, corporate leaders, and politicians who will transform and redeem culture.

We believe that God has called us to lead significant lives--lives that have depth, meaning, value, and purpose. Lives that are not defined by the present, but by eternity. Lives that fully realize the scope of God's grace and energetically seek to share that grace with others. We have the amazing privilege of sharing all of God's truth with the next generation.

As an educational institution, we are committed to academic excellence. We are committed to preparing students for college. We are committed to preparing students for life-long learning. And we are committed to preparing students for leadership in God's kingdom. We hope you will let us partner with you and share the challenges of our greatest calling in life--raising our children.

Under His mercy,
Dana James

Mission Statement

Seven Rivers Christian School exists in partnership with families to shape the hearts and minds of children with a distinctly biblical program of academic rigor, artistic beauty, and athletic competition.

Seven Rivers Christian School admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

Seven Rivers Christian School

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